Fibaro Somke detector unable to reset. any other brands that you would recomend?

Had to change controller due to repair on my first homey.
Now i have the new Pro one and would like to pair with my 6x Fibaro FGSD-002.
But the Fibaro smoke detector FGSD-002 wount reset…

Yes i have followed the reset step-by-step…

any tips or recomandations for other brands ?

Try to remove it from Homey and than add it again. No reason to buy other brands, Fibaro works well.

Removing is not an option as the old homey is dead

You can reset any z-wave device with Homey from the z-wave settings page, even ones connected to other controllers (including an old Homey).

Go to setting, zwave, hit remove device and pres smoke detector button 3 times or follow manual for removal. No matter in which controller it was added, you can remove it ine new Homey, so it can be paired again.