Fibaro Smoke Detector - Alarm stays on

I recently ran tested one of my Fibaro Smoke Detectors to test a new flow attached to it. All worked fine.

However now in Homey the detector remains in an alarm state. Dash shows the fire icon in red.

Is there a way to reset the smoke detector/alarm mode?

Maybe this info helps:

In the past a Fibaro Smoke alarm test would not trigger a Homey alarm (which is silly to me, but still). This recently changed, so it could be the Homey app was not tested for this situation. I would therefore also put in a ticket at the developer (Athom itself in this case).

Didn’t have a lot of time to test.

Tried all suggestions but the only thing that helped was firing up the test alarm by long holding the button on the sensor again and waiting until it went off and sent the reset signal to Homey.