Fibaro smoke detector - battery status

Hi all,

I have around 6 Fibaro smoke detectors installed now for around two years. Although they seem to work fine, they do not send their battery status to Homey. Now after two years the level is still at 100% (would be great, but slightly unlikely…).
The temperature reading get’s updated every couple of hours, so apparently there is communication between the detectors and Homey, just the value for battery reading is not updated.

Any ideas to get this solved would be much appreciated. Actually the possibility to easily monitor the batteries was the first reason to buy Homey; to avoid being woken up by a low battery alarm…

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Same here, never got battery update for Fibaro smoke detector with Homey.

Would be great if anyone can confirm they did get it working. At least I’d know it makes sense to spend some more time on this.

AfaIk is the update of the battery capacity a generell issue in the Z-Wave code. So there will be no workaround. I have also some sensors with no update of the battery capacity.
So please contact Athom.

I have 11 of these devices and a CO detector. They do send the battery capacity to Homey once it seems to be at about 10% and it was updated to 1%. But now I replaced the battery and nothing gets updated. One I replaced a few days ago.