Fibaro smoke sensor battery level

I have quite a lot of Z-Wave devices. On most of them the battery level in Homey seems accurate. However, all of my Fibaro smoke detectors do show it as soon as the battery level hits 1%, but it doesn’t get reset to 100% after replacing the battery. How can I make sure this is sent to the Homey again?
All of my other Z-Wave devices almost instantly show the appropriate battery level after replacing the battery.

  1. Remove battery.
  2. Click the button 3 times.
  3. Replace battery

Thanks! I am going to try that. Obviously after doing that, I may have to wait a few minutes.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. It has been hours since I tried to reset two of them this way

Weird. Mine has always resetted this way.

Do you have Gen 1 or Gen 2? I think that is the difference. According to some documentation found online it is all the same (would also be weird to change that), but it doesn’t work.
Currently I have more and more smoke detectors indicating 1% of battery level without them beeping with the normal interval that indicates the low battery level.

I think I have the gen 2 devices

Then most likely that is the difference.

Since this is an app created by Homey, I created a ticket for it.

I assume they can fix it as a lot of metrics get sent to Homey. Only the battery level is not updated.

If anyone is interested in this one…developers are still working on it. A while ago I gave them the following update:
Today I replaced the batteries of two of my smoke detectors that were displaying 1% battery level. Please see attached result. The one in the living room (yes, close to Homey) is displayed as having a full battery again, but the same thing did not happen to the one in the attic (in my office). Still it is connected to Homey as it does get notified when I test it.

And then today…

Today, I have been fiddling around with this again. I have replaced the batteries of my bedroom smoke detector for quite some times in the past few days and time and again the level stayed at 1%. Then I thought to once more try the procedure of removing the battery, pressing the button for a minimum of 3 seconds and inserting the battery again. But just before doing so, I checked the battery level one more time and noticed the attached notification…. I am really clueless…

And yet another update (Nice what one can do with some vacation time :slight_smile: )

Today I tried something slightly different: I took some of the smoke detectors that I have closer to Homey and although a lot of them displayed that the temperature had been updated within the last hour or so after triple clicking the device button to wake it up, the temperature data was immediately updated….as was the battery level!

So, it does seem to be a Z-Wave network issue. Combined with the fact that temperature data, smoke detection (or a test) is sent to Homey better than the battery level.
For now, I’ll have to make do with trusting the beeping of the smoke detector to indicate the battery is empty and then replace the battery close to the Homey. And of course do regular tests of the smoke detectors myself.

Still I think it is strange that the Z-Wave network would not be good enough. I have multiple smart plugs all through the house. Both Coolcam and Greenwave branded. Other Z-Wave devices don’t seem to have an issue. Somehow, I have the idea that the Greenwave power plugs are not working that well as a router. However, they seem to be favored over other routing devices.

So, the battery level IS tracked as expected. However, there seems to be an issue with (my) Z-Wave networking.

When you remove the old battery, some power is still stored in the device, so when you install the fresh battery, your device will not reset and remembers the old battery level.
After removing the old battery press the bottom at least 1 time.
This will discharge the remaining power from your device so when you install the fresh battery it will reset and beeps once as an indication.
If your device beeps, its new battery’s status level will be updated in the controller.

Thanks for reminding me of this one. Ever since I put a Greenwave 6 node power node in my daughter’s bedroom, there have been no issues whatsoever.
Apart from one false positive, the smoke detectors have not been beeping indicating they lost connection nor indicating low battery.

I test them sometimes (not as often as I should) and they are working.