Which smoke detector?

Hi guys,

I have been using the Fibaro FGSD-002 smoke detectors for quite a while now. Unfortunately both of them started giving false alarms lately and this is rather annoying especially in the middle of the night.

I have swapped the batteries, reset them and cleaned them with air pressure. No result…

Which alternative can you suggest me (based on z wave)?

Kind regards!

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That the Fibaro smoke sensors cause problems is something you always hear.
I bought some Abus SHRM10000 a few days ago, but I have no long experience yet.

I’m still running 2 fgsd-002 here for 4 years now, have had no issues as of yet.
So I would still recommend them :upside_down_face:.
Have no experience with smart smoke sensor further, so can’t help you further if you want experience.

But I can image you’ve lost trust in them this way.

I only know several z-wave brands that are supported currently:
Fibaro, Popp, Heiman (z-wave)

  • Heatit Smoke sensor with build in PIR and AC powered

Thank you!
Any one experience with Heiman?

I guess that the Heiman HS1SA are the same as the Abus.

I have 8 Heiman Z-Wave sensors in use for almost 9 months now. Working fine with Homey, no problems. Only had 1 false trigger until now which was probably caused by fine dust.
On Ali they are on sale regularly, as low as around €75 for 4 pieces if you are lucky.

Thank you Peter!

By coincidence I just ordered one smoke detector on Ali, with some discount indeed only €20 each.

Lets see if this solves the problem.

Just few days ago I saw how wide selection of supported product heatit has. Knowing you are developer behind it makes it one of the first I’ll include in next project of mine.

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Although this topic exists for a quite long time know, I just want to give a recommendation for the Popp smoke detectors.
I use the No. 4001 smoke detector with built-in sirene for more than six years know, and I’m absolutely convinced about them. No one false alarm at all!!! The actual successor is the Smoke Sensor with controllable siren V 1.2 (https://shop.zwave.eu/products/sensors/smoke-fire-and-watersensors/2381/popp-smoke-sensor-with-controllable-siren-v-1.2?c=178)
At first sight, it seems to be quite expensive, but in the end, the reliability is what matters most in case of fire or security anyway.
I became aware of this topic because of a false alarm of my Fibaro one, which is the same like kvanzoelwen mentioned above. That’s really disappointing, despite of the fact, that it costs also around 50-60 €.
The only matter of the Popp smoke alarm is the missing battery indicator regarding the Popp app (the indicator of sensor itself works properly of cause!) in Homey. So you won’t be additionally informed via Push message, if the battery will get empty.

Merry Christmas and nice Holidays for all of you!

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Submit a feature request to POPP. I assume that this is not much effort.

Within the Frient app we’ll release an update that will support triggering the sirens of the smoke detector / heat sensor / water leak sensor manually when an incident occurred.

Together with the new keypad and siren it will provide a full Zigbee based alarm system.


Thnx for sharing this. My fibaro had one false positive in few years of use, I’ve managed to solve it with new battery but still I lost a fate in it a bit.

It’s my understanding that most of the Frient Zigbee products are the same products as those produced by Develco Products A/S. They even come with the same Model ID (i.e SMSZB-120 for smoke detector).

I would like to request the update of the Develco Products App to offer the same capabilities as the simular Frient unit or to enable the Frient App to accept units from the Manufacturer Develco Products A/S as well.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi all, not sure if this topic is still active, but a question regarding the intelligent smoke alarm you’ve mentioned: I can’t get the smart warning to work.
I’ve used it in flows with door sensors, pressing start in the homey app etc but haven’t heard an alarm.
Except ofc when you press the test button on the physical device.
Temperature readings work fine, all devices writing range of the bridge.
Thanks in advance

Answered your question in the Frient app topic