Which smoke detector?

Hi guys,

I have been using the Fibaro FGSD-002 smoke detectors for quite a while now. Unfortunately both of them started giving false alarms lately and this is rather annoying especially in the middle of the night.

I have swapped the batteries, reset them and cleaned them with air pressure. No result…

Which alternative can you suggest me (based on z wave)?

Kind regards!

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That the Fibaro smoke sensors cause problems is something you always hear.
I bought some Abus SHRM10000 a few days ago, but I have no long experience yet.

I’m still running 2 fgsd-002 here for 4 years now, have had no issues as of yet.
So I would still recommend them :upside_down_face:.
Have no experience with smart smoke sensor further, so can’t help you further if you want experience.

But I can image you’ve lost trust in them this way.

I only know several z-wave brands that are supported currently:
Fibaro, Popp, Heiman (z-wave)

  • Heatit Smoke sensor with build in PIR and AC powered

Thank you!
Any one experience with Heiman?

I guess that the Heiman HS1SA are the same as the Abus.

I have 8 Heiman Z-Wave sensors in use for almost 9 months now. Working fine with Homey, no problems. Only had 1 false trigger until now which was probably caused by fine dust.
On Ali they are on sale regularly, as low as around €75 for 4 pieces if you are lucky.

Thank you Peter!

By coincidence I just ordered one smoke detector on Ali, with some discount indeed only €20 each.

Lets see if this solves the problem.

Just few days ago I saw how wide selection of supported product heatit has. Knowing you are developer behind it makes it one of the first I’ll include in next project of mine.

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