Smokedetector, heat detector and carbon monoxide detector of Fireangel

There are not a lot of apps for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection. Where it’s also possible to install the smokedetector on power and with battery. Fireangel has this solution, but…
the app is created and not working well anymore. The developer stopped developing the software and fixing the issues. Is it possible for Homey to take this over from the developer and create a solution for fire detection?

Did you contact the developer, before making these claims?

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I asked questions and did not get reaction anymore. But in the beginning of this year there was someone who had spoken with the developer and he said he would like to pass the app through to another developer.

So I think there is spoken with the developer. That’s why I started the conversation.

Which resulted in that the app has been transferred to a different developer and is being worked on; pretty reliable information IMHO :wink:

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That’s nice to hear. Are you the developer it’s transferred to? Or do you know who it is?

Sorry I see now it’s transferred to you.

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Thank you Ted for taking over the app. Very good news. I have four smokedetectors on battery power and two on power. If I can help with testing let me know. I’m very happy that the six devices still will continue to communicate with Homey. Thanks for that!

Hi @TedTolboom,

I am also interested in the development of this app. And are happy to help you test this!

@TedTolboom , hope you are well.

Was wondering if there’s any update on the FireAngel app from your end.

Anything we can do to assist?

Thanks as always!

Hi all,

I’ve 3 sm-f-1eu with zwave modules and I’ve noticed that the battery info/level is only read from the device when it’s paired. Also is it the battery level of the device or of the module?

Is it a bug?


Hi @TedTolboom,

Is it possible to give us un update on development? And maybe we can help with testing?

Greets Rob