FireAngel Zigbee

I just received a new FireAngel Zigbee module which can be added to a FireAngel smoke/heat detector. The FireAngel App only works with the Zwave module. So I tried to connect the Zigbee to Homey Pro as a standard Zigbee device. But that doesn’t work. The FireAngel Zigbee module is put into connection mode which can be verified by a red blinking LED but the Homey App keeps waiting and instructs me to put the Zigbee device into connection mode.

I did expect Homey Pro to connect the Zigbee module but that clearly was a wrong assumption. It seems that only the FireAngel Zwave module can be connected to Homey. If Zwave is possible why isn’t it possible to connect the Zigbee module.

There aren’t many good smoke detectors with Zigbee support around. Every smart smoke detector reviewer focusses on the smart bit or how it looks and not on how good the smoke detection is, which is more important. FireAngel uses both optical and heat sensors. As far as I know only Fibaro does the same but I have had a Fibaro smoke detector and it is rubbish and expensive.

So FireAngel for me is the only viable option for a good smoke/heat detector with Zwave and Zigbee connectivity. But is seems only Zwave is supported. I don’t want to spend more money and buy a Zwave module if it doesn’t work either.

Why isn’t the FireAngel Zigbee module detected when trying to connect it as a basic Zigbee device (not via the FireAngel app)?