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I tried to search the forum for this with no luck:

I am installing 8 Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSD-002 to interact with Athom Homey for external alarm to my phone.
But how can I set up each smoke sensor to interact with each other, so if there is smoke detected in 1 room, all other sensors will give alarm sound?


@Rajehytta That is not possible for the fibaro smoke sensors, as they are battery devices and asleep 99% of the time for receiving signals to preserve battery life, only the internal air measurement is active constantly

Ok, @Caseda . Thanks for your quick reply!
Can you suggest a smoke detector suited for this?
Or else I guess the solution would be adding an external siren on each floor that will be activated by the Homey?
Alternatively, maybe the Nest smoke sensor is better?

I don’t know of any zwave smoke sensors that do this.
A solution would be alarms on each floor, they will even expand your mesh that way as they useally are mains powered.

If you want to go with nest, I think nest does do this when one sounds the alarm, but I’m not sure.

Can confirm Nest Protect (even battery) does this when one goes off, it will also tell you which device has detected the smoke/CO

Thanks, @Caseda and @Jamie !
I planned on using the Fibaro Smoke sensors as Temparature sensors for smart plugs aswell (I assume it is possible to calibrate the temp since they will be placed in the ceiling and will show higher temp than 1,5 m above floor?).
So If I go for Nest, I will probably need several extra temp sensors? Or can Nest smoke sensors also provide this functionality?

Thanks for being patient with a z-wave noob :see_no_evil:
I only have experience with xComfort…

Ive just moved your question out into its own thread.

Your right, The nest protect doesn’t have a temp sensor, so yes you would need to get buy another.


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I’m. Currently using a bega version of the Device Groups App. I’ve grouped the Fibaro smoke sensors. When 1 of them gives an alarm, several actions are triggered. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

The Sirene is a Neo Coolcam device. You can also combine this with soundboard so you’re Homey also functioned as an alarm.

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Thanks @HTilburgs :slight_smile:
I guess this is very close to what I need.

In my case i will cover a 3 story building with 1-3 smoke detector in each story, and 1 siren/speaker in each story.
-Is it possible to configure voice alarm, saying which area the detector is activated on?
If so, I guess I must have several detector groups, where each group will activate all sirens (would be like Nest who says what area is in alarm). Will it be possible to use Groups like this?

If not, then I guess 1 detector group like in your example, activating all sirens.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

You should be able to use TTS (text to speech) to a speaker to say which alarm is going off and why.

Just be careful, You don’t want a fire to get out of control because someone unplugged the homey in order to charge their phone.

I ensure that any smart home devices related to safety or security only add an additional layer and will work correctly with out power/internet/zwave mesh.

Good point @Jamie

The Homey will be placed in a locked room, out of reach of anyone but my self.
The thing that concerns me is that the Fibaro smoke sensors aren’t interconnected. Norwegian law about fire safety requires interconnected sensors in each story.
I might have to consider the more expensive Nest anyway, unless other z-wave smoke sensors have the functionality.

Popp has a smoke Detector with Indoor Siren. If one triggers the smoke alarm all of them go off. In addition you can use them as sirens in other flows. See link

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