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Good Smoke sensor

Hello all.
I am looking for a smoke sensor that works good with homey. The fibaro i don’ t want as the multi sensors that i have from fibaro are having distance problems. Further away from homey than 3 meters is not possible. I have seen the zipato smoke sensor z-wave but have no Idea if this can handle the distance. Seen also one of Xiaomi but not supported yet. Anyone experiance with the zipato? OR other brand? Don’t want to spend more than 40 euro’s a piece


Why you don’t look for the Nest smoke detectors?They are great, but also a bit expensive.

The fibaro smoke sensor is also incompatible with homey at the moment. Product id errors…

“Don’t want to spend more than 40 euro’s a piece”.

So i don’t think you Read my post very well. Nest is 129 euro’s that’s 3 times the amount i want to spend.

Ach, happy that i didn’t have bought this one. Thanks

Have several Fibaro smoke sensors working like a charm here.
Good luck with finding good sensors that are also cheap. Best go for 1 of those. Buy good OR cheap!

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Don’t get me wrong, i love the looks of the fibaro however because the 2 fibaro multisensor are very bad recarding the distance i am afraid spending a. Lot of money for something that is not working. The Cheap neo sensors that are further away are working fine do the price doesn’t always quarenty the quality.

I like when they do what they need to do. The Fibaro smoke sensors saved my little girl a while ago when my house was on fire so I really don’t care about the price if u catch my drift.
Build a good mesh and they work!

If you buy a new fibaro smoke sensor it will have a new product id and it will not work on homey.
The old ones do work though.

There is a github issue:

Oké, so fibaro is not An option

You could have a look at the Popp sensors, although i’m afraid you might find them too expensive.
What you gain is the possibility to hardwire them to the mains power supply, in which case they become full z-wave repeaters(expand z-wave mesh).

Additionally you could use these as alarm sirens in combination with intrusion for instance.

Hm popp sensor 59 euro’s.
Expensive but could be An option pricewise. However they have An other problem. Man are those things the ugliest sensors ever :joy::hugs:. Have to hang Them in my new kitchen. The wife is not going tot be happy if she sees those things :tired_face:

Is there not anyone that has experience with the zipato z-wave sensors?

Don’t think the brand will make much of a difference…
Just make sure you have a good mesh and you shouldn’t have any problems!

I have a Fibaro doorsensor in the back of my garden (to measure the water temp of my pool with external sensor). It’s more than 25 meters away from my Homey and works like a charm…

Don’t try to be cheap when it’s for your safety. Does it matter if it’s 40 or 50€ then?
If you want smoke sensors that always work, go to the Gamma and buy a 3-pack for 20€ and you’re done :blush:
They won’t be smart but they will be loud :stuck_out_tongue:

I am verry happy with the Fibaro smoke sensors. Nice look, work great without Homey and work great with Homey (if the Zwave-mesh is good). Long battery life and no false alarms. But only smoke and temperature detection. No CO detection.

If you want something cheap, just buy some standalone smoke detectors at the Gamma or Karwei with a 20% korting bonnetje and don’t connect them to Homey.

Oké thanks you all for the replies. However i don’t like some of the replies very much. If i don’t want to spend over 80 euro’s or so for 1 sensor than i have to go to GAMMA. Whatever

As i said before i love the fibaro’s however the range for battery powered sensors is still very pore in my house. Also at this moment there is a problem with the new fibaro smoke sensors What was mentioned in one of the posts.

Maybe its better than to improve my mesh first and than go for the fibaro’s. Now i need to know how to improve the mesh. Can i Just ad a fibaro powerplug in the kitchen? No need to change something in the settings from the powerplug OR multisensors? Just plug and play? OR…?

But also here is the same rule as with beer: the more the better!
I have 24 non-battery powered devices here.

This i understand however beer is much cheaper :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Final question anout the mesh, is there a way to measure the strenth of the mesh?

Just by noticing all battery powered device work like they should.

I don’t really get the need for smart smoke detectors… Most things I get but what’s wrong with normal ones for around a tenner??

Well, i like to know when my house is on fire. Wherever I am. Have had fire in my house some time ago and got notifications on me phone. Drove home asap to make sure the little girl was ok. So, imho, I like it when they are smart. Don’t go cheap on this!