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Fibaro and Homey don't work

I tried everything with motion sensor and smoke detector. Fibaro and Homey DON’T work. Am I the only one??

Yes u are. Plz tell us what Homey version ur using, what Fibaro app version, what type of sensors/detectors ur using and what exactly the issues are. How more detailed ur answer, how more detailed our answers can be.


I use:

  1. Fibaro v2.1.0 Beta
  2. Homey 1.5.12

Fibaro smoke detection and motion detection of Fibaro. Last week I received!

A month ago I hate Homewizard, now I love HomeWizard :relaxed:

Sorry and more

Motion Detection: Tamper always red, Motion always red. Not stable!
Smoke Detection: First I can not learn the Smoke Detector in Homey! After a long time of try … Sometimes the Alarms work, sometimes not. Killing for smoke detection

Well, there are some issues with connecting the newest smoke detector from Fibaro so.
What are the issues with the motion detector? Because here they are working like a charm.
There where some issues with motion being detected all the time but that was mostly solved by re-adding the device, wake the device by triple clicking the button inside or PTP.
So plz explain the issues.

Now it works well! I think that they need a learning moment for a little time?

Good to hear! Closing this topic because it seems solved. If u want to re-open this topic plz ask any moderator.