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Sound alarm on Fibaro Smoke sensors (add then flow)


I have 4 Fibaro smoke sensors v2 within my house. I don’t know if their API allows them to fire the alarm (sound) on command, but if it does it would be great if it could be implemented by Homey. Now I can trigger on any of the smoke detectors, but as soon as I receive a trigger it would be great if I could send a message to all of them to sound the alert as well.

Same if my alarm is triggered, it would be great to have all of those smoke detectors start the siren as well. So the idea / suggestion is to add then flow for the smoke alarm device allowing us to enable or disable the siren.

Let’s keep fibaro related questions in the Fibaro tread
So closing this one.

But to answer your question, as it is a (older) battery device, it will not listen to any other signals to preserve batterie life, so it can not be triggered by outside (zwave) signals