Making the phone go into alarm when the firealarms go off

Hi, I’m new to homey and I’m trying to make a flow for my firealarms that makes my phone get more than a short push notification, since I usually don’t check them when I’m busy with something.

the alarms I’ve bought is the Fibaro smoke sensors that run on z-wave

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This is not really an Homey problem .

  • use a different “ring”tone
  • send a SMS
  • buy a second telefphone
  • add a siren to your phone :grin:

It is, because Homey doesn’t support critical notifications, nor does it support assigning a different notification sound for particular notifications.


Hello, you can use Pushover and customize the desired ringtone from a card. You can even add your own MP3 files to Pushover. The application costs less than 6 euros and is perfect for managing messages/priorities and sounds. Please note that if you’re using Homey 2023, you should use the test version because the developer of this application has not updated it for the 2023 version. There is also another person who has created a new Pushover application for Homey 2023, but they have not integrated sounds or priorities. So, if you want to use sounds, use the test version. Only error messages will appear when manually launching cards with this version. Of course, you should not place a card after this one, as it is in error; the next card will not be executed unless you put the following card in the error output. I hope someone will take over this application to adapt it to Homey 2023 because it is very practical for distinguishing sounds in different flows.

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At this moment the pushover app (the new one) can use sound, priority (for an alarm: high), take a look…
@Kim_Kokholm has taken over the pushover app (now it is also called pushover, the old app is called pushover notifications) and you can use groups, sound, priority, kim did an excellent job!


Great, I was waiting for it.

That’s is very sweet of you :slight_smile:

What is the chance or possibility of Pushover to get to the Homey cloud version?

Very small. The Pushover apps are community-developed, and Athom doesn’t want community-developed apps running on Homey Cloud.

Yes, I agree with @robertklep
I would love to make a Homey Cloud version. Another license is required.

I also think it’s a bad deicsion, but pushing buyers to go pro.