Fire alarm flows


All new with flows and Homey, kindly ask for some advice.

I have 13 POPP z-wave smoke alarms in my system. How do I set up a flow that tells med where the alarm started? How do I set up I flow to turn all sirens off?

It seems easy with just one alarm in the system, but a lot of work with 13. Any tricks?

Thanks for any good help!

Use from the “Devices” flow card (default flow cards of your homey) “an alarm has turned on” and select “smoke alarm”, this card has a tag with “zone” which you can use in your message where the alarm has triggered.

Usually you can’t turn off the alarm until you clear the alarm on the device itself, but as i don’t have this device it is kinda hard to tell.
If you mean how to turn on the other smoke alarms, then that most likely isn’t possible if it is a battery z-wave device, as it is asleep to preserve battery life.

Thanks for good advise.