FRIENT - Smoke detector flow

Hello all!

I have Frient smoke and heat detectors.
I have managed to make flows to trigger the sirens in all detecors if one should go off, aswell as other functions (All lights on, different plugs to turn off etc).

The thing is that I have noe way of shutting down the alarms and stopping the flow if there is a fake alarm.
I have to manually go to all detectors and turn them off, and that is quite a hassle for the family.
Does anybody have a clue on how I can reset all sirens by pushing simply one detector, reset button in the app or otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t think there are any smart smoke/fire alarms that you can turn off programmatically due to the inherent safety risk (you don’t want your smart home system to inadvertently turn off the alarm when there’s an actual fire).

Don’t know exactly what the card “Start warning for a duration of…” does but maybe you can make a flow that if you turn off a sensor you start this card for a time of 1 minut.
Maybe it stops after a minut.
But if this work I wouldn’t automate it because fire is a safety risk.
Only use it manual.

Thanks for the input!
I have now made flow where if an alarm is triggered the others will go off after 30 seconds if there is still an alarm in any of the detectors (I.E if no alarm has been reset).
If you reset the alarm within the 30 seconds no sirens will go off.

If there is a full alarm the sirens will go off for 5 minutes.
If any detector is reset AND there is a full alarm then the “Start warning for a duration of 1 sec” will begin, and then shut off all sirens.

Any way you can share this Flow? Having the same issue as your original post

Thanks alot! That worked. I ended up using a virtual button to engage the flow to reset and “start warning for duration 1 sec” .

How do your “Full brannalarm” look like?