Can I change Nest Protect settings through a flow?

Hi, I’m new here and Homey and Nest are new for me too, so please excuse me if I ask a stupid question. I bought both Homey and a set of Nest Protect smoke alarms. I was under the impression I could use Homey flows to change settings of my smoke alarms, but it seems I can’t. Am I overlooking something?

I’d like to make a flow which prevents the alarm to go off in my sons bedroom if something’s wrong. Nest should just tell us. It doesn’t make sense to have a smoke alarm go off in a 3 year old’s bedroom because it would just scare him witless. Also I’d like to make flows that can influence the light of the Nest Protect, or maybe even have it say something.

It seems I can only use Nest variables to test conditions. I hope that’s not the case.

I don’t think it is possible to disable the nest smoke sensor at all?
Not even in the nest app itself.
If it was me, it would be good practice with your son to KNOW what the alarm is, instead of just disabling the alarm.

Don’t have any protects myself, but there should be triggers “if alarm goes off” then turn on lights, it is not that hard.
If you have multiple protects you can also choose the “devices” device and select, an alarm went of: smoke alarm, and do things on that (like turning on lights)

Hi @Caseda thanks for your reply. Just to clarify: I’m not looking to disable the smoke protector. What I would like is for it to only detect and start a Homey flow, not sound the alarm on the smoke protector that’s in his room. He would go crazy scared which is not the state you want him in when you’re trying to rescue him from a fire.

The Nest app mentions being able to turn it off either through the app or manually by pushing the button (quite impossible because it’s on the ceiling), but possibly that only works when the alarm is already sounding. I thought that if there’s an option to turn it off in the app I should be able to do it in a Homey flow (e.g.: if smoke is detected in the kid’s bedroom --> turn off the alarm on Nest device x / tell Homey to say there’s smoke in the kid’s bedroom / use Nest devices y and z to sound the alarm / notify users x y z per the app / turn on all the lights in the house).