Any ideas about the Smoke Detector Flow?

Hi, I’m new here.
I had some trouble with the Heiman HS1SA-e smoke detectors and bought the FRIENT smoke detecors.
They’re working smooth.

I made this advanced flow.
Does anyone have some suggestions to make it better?

Flow 1 - activeren

Flow 2 - deactiveren


Nice work! I have only 2 tips for you:

  • Your card to set media volume is linked from a smoke detector. This causes unnecessary dependence, eg. what if that smoke detector battery is empty? So better create a link to the media volume from the 30s delay connector
  • It is better to separate message notifications from your flows. In the below example I used Simple Log to log the message together with the flow name (“group”) and the urgency (“severity”). Once logged, it can sent a notification based on criteria.
    • saves a lot of cards in your current flow
    • easier to maintain
    • can be reused with your other flows
    • the log can be analyzed, filtered, exported separately

Also keep in mind that notifications are best sent out sequentially or you may cause skipping/overload (in some apps)

@Rrrr I followed your advice.

It’s a lot cleaner and now there’s 1 flow that can handling all the notifications :slight_smile:

To reduce the number of flow cards, you can also simply use the following flow card:


@DirkG This is also a solution?

Pls connect the SimpleLog card in parallels, instead of series.
In case the SimpleLog app malfunctions, the flow doesn’t complete the way it is now.

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@Peter_Kawa You mean this?

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Yes, but as Peter already mentioned, I would do it like the lower screen shot.

@DirkG Result


Another hint: I’ve learned you (always) need to put a ‘stop casting’ card in front of the ‘cast something’ card.
Because when some cast is already going on at the same device, ‘Slaapkamer - Thuis’ here, it won’t start an other cast.

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Progress here! Very nice.

One comment: you’re selecting twice the app group “Rookmelders” and Critical condition. There’s no need.

@Peter_Kawa @Rrrr
Thanks for the stop casting, I implemented also in the doorbell flow :slight_smile:

You have tested the flow in a ‘real’ test (meaning let the smoke detectors detect smoke)?


I test it the first time with smoke but when creating not anymore. Only the flows are tested.
I will do it asap.

Reason I asked is only in ‘real’ test you can find out if every stepp you took is usefull. For instance: fun using the led of the Homey when testing but probably no one will see it when a loud alarm goes off in the house. But as being also a very new user; it is fun to add some things in a flow just beacause it can :grinning:

Also: will the cards Stop warning directly do anything in a real situation? You only shut off the alarms you started with Homey and the last 2 minutes (??)

I did a test today and everything works fine.
Did some changements to duration and deleted the LED option.

:+1: hope you never need the flow.


Hi @weide43, how do you get the ‘if’ “De Rookmelder van een apparaat is ingeschakeld?”

I only have those 4 options:

And only have the following tags:

so the “Alarm” tag is not available.
I’m curious which ‘If’ you have selected.

I think by settings “Experimenteren” - “Super user” on active

Unfortunately, I’ve this setting already enabled.
I just tested by disabing and enabling again, but no difference.