Any ideas about the Smoke Detector Flow?

@The_Cowman now I see you picture good. Select “Een alarm type ging aan”
Alarm type, select the correct sensor option

See the second image, I already did. The tag " Alarm" and “Apparaat” is not available.

You can see in the card the symbol of zones

I understand that, but the tag “Alarms” is not available as an option, while that is the function to be used here. Otherwise I cannot trigger a flow if that tag is not available.
Ok, it is possible, but than I have to include all smoke sensors individually, but the idea here is to prevent that and to use one card / trigger to rule them all.

Which ones are available? In my setup I see ‘rookmelder’

" Rookmelder" is available, but I only have two accompanying tags, which doesnot include ‘Alarm’ and ‘Apparaat (device)’, while those are available in the examples of Weide43 and DirkG.


I have a Homey Pro 2023. And see this indeed:

Maybe the homey-version or the number of devices you have??

Might that be the difference? I’ve the Homey Pro 2019.
Still kind of weird, I thought that there wasn’t a difference in basic functionality.

I got also a HP 2023, but you can do it like the first way