Flow smoke detector Heiman - lamps blinking red


Is there anyone who has already made the flow and share it with me?

If smoke has been detected, all lamps need to be set to RED and blinking. (Update: only bulbs/ledstrips downstairs)

If device notice that smoke has gone away, blinking will be off and resume normal lighting?

Depends on your lights. For LIFX such effects are pretty much buildin.
For restoring the previous light state I would have an app ready for you.

Will save all config data of your lights and restore them on demand by flow cards.

However, making “dumb” lights blink will need bit more tinkering. Maybe the Chronograph app can be of use for you there. It enables you to change capability values based on timers.

Or if you want a hard blink you could go with alternating executed flows. Just at the end of set red flow trigger the reverse flow with a delay. And use an IF ELSE card to break the cycle when your back to normal condition is met.

Downstairs I’ve got ledstrips and bulbs from Xiaomi.

Well, I don’t know those devices myself. But if they can be controlled by lets say, setting hue and saturation value then you can assemble something like what you want easily.

So, If I download the philips hue app, I can set this up with the “knipperen” flow or in english “blinking flow short/long”?

well that will only for for Hue devices of course.
If the Xiaomi app does not support effects itself but can set color and that you can accomplish things with simple flows too. But I cannot tell as I don’t have that.