How to make Philips Hue color cycle two colors with strobe/blink/flash effekt?

Hi all

I am looking for a way to make a flow that can blink/strobe/flash effect on Philips Hue color lights while cycling through Red and Blue colors, but all my attemts making this work or find a way to create a scene inside Hue has been invane. Offcause I can just change between red and blue, colors using a flow but that does not give me the effect that I like.

I need this for my alarm system, and the effect should to have a change between these 2 colors and at the same time flash/blink/strobe the light so that the intruder gets “confused”

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

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Could you show what you have tried?
I would do this: Shared Flow | Homey (not tested yet, middle of the night)
Then stop it like this: Shared Flow | Homey

Hi Phil,

It is almost the same I have tried, but a little more simple:

I will try yours for a start :slight_smile:

Hej Stig!

Thanks for posting your flow!
What I can see is that your flow runs all commands in “Så…”/“Then” at the same time. This will most likely cause it to just blink once and change to only one of the colors. What you need is to add Delays to the cards. Especially the blinks. This will give a better result.

I have tested my flows now and it seems that, IF the “short blink” and color change happens on the same second it will not have the time to change the color completely and might result in a purple (red + blue).

I updated the flows like this:
Start flow:

Stop flow:

There is a App called Philips Hue Extensions there you can set a group of lamps to blink short or long