Advanced flow lighting and PM 2.5 level

Hi, I am asking you for help on how to properly create advanced flow according to the JPG scheme?

This is just an example, because I used different devices, e.g a CO2 Sensor instead of a fine dust sensor.
Whether the lamps can flash green or red without making a detour depends on the capabilities of the used lamps. For example, with the Philips Hue E27 lamp I use, I first have to set the color and then make it blink. After that, I should actually set the original color again and/or switch it off.

Thanks for the hint. It really matters what bulb I use. Unfortunately, in osram I do not have the ability to blink, but in philips hue it is, which makes it very easy to perform such a flow.

I still have a question, do you have an idea how to set the bulb to return to its original white color after flashing, just like the others, because there are 4 bulbs in this lamp.

Yeah with Hue lights those things are quite simple, but unfortunately not with (many) other lights.

The easy way is to use the Zone Memory app for the color changing.
With this app you can store the ‘normal’ white color for light1, and store the green and red colors, and then recall those stored settings in the flow

For the 4 bulbs you can create a group device, with Device Capabilities or < group > apps

You’ll have to fiddle a bit with the delays and ZM Restore card settings for your specific lights

Before using the app Zone Memory for this use case, please have a look at the corresponding threat.
Afaik, the app doesn’t work with Philips Hue Lamps like it should. Some time ago I tried this app with a Philips Hue Lightstrip, but it doesn’t worked. I had contact to the developer and we tried to figure out what the problem is, but with no success. In the meantime, maybe it will work, but I guess not.

So I would suggest to options:

  1. Use logic variables to save the settings of the lamp before it turned into green/red and then restore the settings again.
  2. Use the app Temporary Variables. The procedure is the more or less the same like with logic variables, but there is no need to create “fix” logic variables. Also this app doesn’t need much memory and RAM (ca. 400 kB memory and 6 MB RAM on my HP19 Pro).
    This is my recommended option.


But after a few tests, I wouldn’t use the card for flashing. After the color is set I would turn off the lamp and turn it on again. But that is a matter of personal taste.