Change the color for 10 sec afther that change the color back to previous status


I got a lot of Hue lights, if there is a notification, I want a certain lamp to flash for a while.

I want to have a lamp switch to red for 10 seconds and then return the lamp to its previous status.

what are useful tips?

Hi Stefan
I made an example (in Dutch) for the lamp to change its color during 10secs, after a certain notification on the timeline

I don’t have Hue lights.
If you use them via a hue bridge, you have two cards to let a light blink shortly, and to let it blink for a little longer.

If not, you can use a timer, or two flows which start eachother every sec.

To let lights blink, when the lights are paired with Homey (and not to hue bridge):

Making a light blink during x secs after a message on your timeline
(Lamp laten knipperen gedurende x sec na bericht op tijdlijn.)

Using Chronograph:

Aan/Uit schakeling

Without using any app:

Lamp aan

Lamp uit