Homey and Hue app not synced?

Hi guys,
Have just started with Homey and are just running my phone/webapp for now. Have ordered a Homey Bridge that will arrive in a few days.

Have configured some flows on my phone with philips hue lights. But my question is:

  • When switching lights on or off via the hue app its not reflected within the homey app.
  • When switching lights on or off via the homey app its not reflected within the hue app.
  • When forcing a switch it sometimes get in sync and I can update the status on the other app…

Have reconfigured the apps from the ground and up several times.

Is this by design and/or do I need the Homey Bridge or Pro hardware to have this more in sync?

I doubt this is by design, and having a Bridge won’t fix this (perhaps Homey Pro will because it uses a local connection to the Hue hub, as opposed to Homey Cloud which uses a cloud connection to Hue).

You could perhaps ask the developer of the app (Athom) about this: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360015784034-Submitting-a-support-request

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