Homey and Hue app not synced?

Hi guys,
Have just started with Homey and are just running my phone/webapp for now. Have ordered a Homey Bridge that will arrive in a few days.

Have configured some flows on my phone with philips hue lights. But my question is:

  • When switching lights on or off via the hue app its not reflected within the homey app.
  • When switching lights on or off via the homey app its not reflected within the hue app.
  • When forcing a switch it sometimes get in sync and I can update the status on the other app…

Have reconfigured the apps from the ground and up several times.

Is this by design and/or do I need the Homey Bridge or Pro hardware to have this more in sync?

I doubt this is by design, and having a Bridge won’t fix this (perhaps Homey Pro will because it uses a local connection to the Hue hub, as opposed to Homey Cloud which uses a cloud connection to Hue).

You could perhaps ask the developer of the app (Athom) about this: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360015784034-Submitting-a-support-request


Hi @Fredrik_Tornell

Did you manage to resolve this? I have the same issue.

I want to be able to time a light to turn of X minutes after it was turned on by any method - so I’m looking for a state change rather than switch press event etc.

But if some action happens in the hue app or via wall smart switch, homey does not see the state change and apply the flow.

So, I set a notification to trigger to see if the status ever got updated. It took 50mins and then I received it. So seems the status is updated on a very slow poll.

I am using homey cloud beta premium by the way. I used to be a pro hub user a long time back, now looking to get the new pro.

Is there a way to reduce the poll time? Will the pro local hub be faster?

Polling interval for Homey Cloud (Premium) is set to 1 hour, interval for Homey Pro is set to 2 seconds.