Issues in communication between hue and homey


I am trying to run a few different flows which involves lights from the Philips Hue bridge. I am though having some problems with homey not beeing able to detect the state (on/off) of different lights when i activate them trough the hue app or from philips switches.

When i use my regular dimmer switch (Hue Dimmer Switch – smart fjernbetjening – nyeste modell | Philips Hue NO) to turn on and off the lights in my home, homey is not able to register this. Meaning that when i press the button and turn off the lights in my home, they still appears as “ON” in the homey app - which then again means that the flows i want to activate when turning off the lights never are beeing triggered.

Anyone else been experiencing this? Any fix? Rebooting?

Homey Cloud or Homey Pro?

I use a Homey Bridge with premium subscription.

In that case, it can take up to one hour before the state is correctly updated in Homey :grimacing:

1 hour? Wow…Is it supposed to ble like that? Do you kow what is the reason?

Kind off usless if the updating frequence can be up to 1 hour?

Athom has run into issues in the past where Signify (the company behind Hue) blocked access to their servers because the Homey Hue app was polling the Signify servers (to determine the current state) too often.

At the time, Athom claimed that they were working with Signify on a solution, which apparently resulted in a poll interval of 1 hour.

Indeed pretty useless, but at least they can still claim that Hue is supported by Homey :man_shrugging:t3:

Aha…I see. Thank you for your feedback. That sucks :face_exhaling:

Will swapping to a Homey Pro resolve this issue? If I ounderstood correctly more of the data processing are done localy in the ‘pro’?

With the Pro it will be much better, with a poll interval of 2 seconds (still long IMO, but for some reason Athom is sticking to polling the Hue bridge instead of using realtime push updates, which pretty much all other home automation platforms use).

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Same issue, after restarting hue app in homey it is always fixed. Made a flow to detect a crash and restart it automatically, but it never gets fired …