Homey Bridge Hue not available

So a couple of days ago Hue started acting weird;

A new light bulb would not turn on with a schedule set to; turn on 15 min before sun down

A day later some flows weren’t working;

Pressing a button on a Ikea remote should initiate a flow to turn off all lights in all rooms.

It started by skipping the last room, so i’ve altered the sequence and still the last room in the list was being skipped.

Another day later:

A flow to turn a device on at a specific time stopped working.

Another day later (and that’s where we are at now) the entire Hue integration is not working.

I’m really having second thoughts about the Bridge, to be really honest… it might be up for sale soon…

Known Issues

:warning: Devices and apps may be unavailable and cannot be controlled.
:warning: Philips Hue devices might be out-of-sync. We are working with Signify on a solution.