Problems with Philips Hue

When I try to control my lights via Google Assistant, normally Homey tells me there is an error connecting to a number of lights - not always - but usually. When it tells me there is an error, sometimes, the command actually works. In addition, if you say for example “Hey Google, Turn off Bedroom Lights” and there are 10 lights in the room, only 8 turn off - you repeat the command and Homey says Error Communicating with 10 lights, and sometimes the remaining two turn off, sometimes they dont. This happened sometimes since i installed my Homey a couple of weeks ago - but its gotten a lot worse since the last Homey Update

Any Advice?

Do you use the Hue bridge? Until now i don’t have that behaviour and I use the bridge.

Yes - I use the Hue Bridge

I notice the same when I ask GH to turn off or on the lights in the living room.
I have 9 lights but sometimes some of those are physically turned off by the old-fashioned on/off switch that still hasn’t been replaced.
That means that not all 9 lights respond, and GH always says in that case that there was an error with 9 lights (even tough there may only be 2 lights unavailable). In my case it’s primarily Ikea lights, not Hue.

Its not the same in my case - I had all physical switches removed