Google home error or homey unavailable


I have Google home linked to Homey and everything works. However, when for example giving the voice command to Google to turn off the lights it will give an error that homey is unavailable or there was an error with a number of lights. The thing is, the lights are actually turned off.

So it works, but the error response I get is pretty annoying. Any ideas?


Not sure what the problem could be, what is the command you are using? Turn off lights is a “blanket command” given to Homey through Google Home. It tells Homey to turn off all the lights. Perhaps there is a light in Homey that is still not synced with Google Home? Or the other way around? A device shown in Google Home but not Homey?

Perhaps try to isolate the problem? Give the command to turn off per light and see how they respond?

Same problem here. Super annoining. I’ve put all my lights in smartthings again due to this.

The same issue here…

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Does anyone have an idea why this might be? I have the same problem and no solution…

yep, same deal here too…
usually with lights more so than say my “turn on stereo” routine
totally guessing here… but it could be Homey is waiting for the lights (i have 4 in my bedroom) to all respond with their status change and that delay is to long for google…

This happens to me when several lights are switched on at the same time, but also with individual lamps. could it be due to my devices that they respond too slowly?

memory is not full