Google Home, "Unable to process commands for..."

Ever since I moved my devices over from SmartThings to Homey, when I tell Google, “Turn off the Living Room Light”, it, without fail, will respond, “Unable to process commands for the Living Room Light”, but still turn off the light.

What’s also frustrating is that it somehow gets in a loop with my kitchen light, where is reports the same thing, but keeps turning on and off the kitchen light for 3/4 cycles with maybe 5 seconds in between before it stops.

Anyone else having something similar happening or have an idea why this might be the case?

This is a common issue, no clue what the solution would be. Report it to Support I’d say Support | Homey

Never experienced this phenomenon. Are you shure there’s no Homey flow(s) involved?

Oh man that’s so annoying. Totally ruins the vibe when is say “movie night” to google to turn off all the lights and the living room light to 1% and it yells at me something is broken from multiple rooms.

That was my first thought and I checked the flows. Google home is just turning of lights explicitly. There’s no flow I have that is “when light switched off…”

Yeah I can imagine it ruins the vibe.
Possible workaround:
I’ve read about a hint to add an action to the command, and enter a whitespace in the “respond” field. This way, the voice “speaks” silence.
Create a voice command routine (if you haven’t yet) for

Go to ‘add action’ > ‘communications and announcements’ > ‘make an announcement’ > enter 1 or more whitespaces to the ‘your message’ field.

Smart I’ll try that!!

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I’m realizing this is what might be the issue. I just moved over the Simple flows to Advanced and found that there was a timeout. Anyone know what these timeouts mean? Is it a cause of the device or software?

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