Timeout in advanced flow even though device executed

I just switched over my flows from Simple to Advanced. I realized that the Advanced flows have an enormous about of lag/latency from the physical device, they’re all connected directly to the Homey Pro device via Z-Wave. Done a lot of testing sequentially and it seems Homey/the device gets super confused and things get executed almost half a minute or later.

I tried doing some isolated testing and even though the flow is fully executed, the device does turn on at 15%, it shows timeout in the Advanced Flow diagram. I’m wondering if this is the problem. Why is there a timeout even if it executed?

Screen Recording 2023-11-18 at 05.52.11 PM

Here’s an example of purely just making testing the device action execution

Screen Recording 2023-11-18 at 05.56.54 PM

After tinkering with the developer tools. I had to end up resetting the entire zwave network - Jasco recommended this. It fixed the issue but was a pain in the ass.

The Athom guys asked me to attach the switches unsecurely but it wouldn’t take.

Were you able to restore the zwave network with the homey backup feature or did you have to repair everything?
Are you now able to pair jasco switches securely with out hassle?

I haven’t had to add another jasco device so not sure if it’s causing problems still. But I had to reset the entire network and add everything back.

ok, that is painful. Not ready to go to that extreme yet, especially since I’m not sure if a backup really works. I can say even a new Jasco switch won’t pair easily, matter of fact I gave up for now and paired it with SmartThings till Jasco app is fixed.