Z-wave stoped to work 🙄

Hi I recognized today that the Z-wave devices not responding to flow and manual control it ended always with the message “Timed out 30000ms” or "transmitt ok no act"or "Unknown error "
Under developer tool I can successfully “test” the devices but “Send test frame” ends with time out.

Any hint?

Try a restart or your apps you are using or even your Homey.
And check your developer site at Homey Developer Tools

I restarted everything apps also Homey few times but without success :confused:

Now it seems to working again I don’t know where was the problem…

Try to switchoff the powersuply of the device

Just for info: There is difference between Restart Homey with the app and a PTP. With such problems, I would perform a PTP.

I tried both of them. Maybe it seems the problem was at the end the Aotec Z-wave repeaters in my home