Z-wave devices unresponsive

All, new to Homey and I’ve been running it for a couple of months with no real issues. 15 z-wave devices and a few 433 mhz ones as well.

3 days ago the majority of my z-wave devices became unresponsive, do not work in flows and can’t be toggled manually from the app either. Some motion detectors still seem to work, but no wall plugs etc seem to work. When flipping the switches in the app error code “transmit complete no ack” is recieved.

I’ve rebooted Homey, but same issue. Any idea what may have caused this or how it can be troubleshooted? Would rather not tear it all down and start over… :frowning:

Maybe look at the memory and cpu load of Homey to see if it is overloaded, maybe by a new version of an app. I must admit z-wave has been less responsive for me too lately.

Also check to see if some devices that used to work maybe no longer do. If a z-wave router device was unplugged or something like that that may be causing this too.

Got into dev tools and a lot of them are “Uknown”. All attempts to heal fail. Are there more steps that can be done to resolve or pin it down without tearing it all down? Puzzled me a lot how this can happen at so many sensors at the same time.