Uppdate 10.2.0 problem

After last uppdate to 10.2.0 many of my devices stopped responding, most of them are Fibaro devices. Rollershutter 3, none of these devices responds (I have 10 of them), others respond, e.g. from Aeotec (2st). Some Fibaro wallplugs do not respond (TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_NO_ACK). I tried to disconnect Homey and restart it, but it didn’t work. I also removed the non-working Wallplug from the network, and then I was unable to reconnect it. I have about 200 devices connected to Homey: Philips Hue, 4 bridges with lights, dimmers, doorsensors (they working fine), other devices are Plejd (working fine), Aeotec power meters (working fine), Sonos (working fine), Aquara vibrations sensors ( working fine), Airthings air quality meters 5st (working fine) and others devices also …
Thanks for help.

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Hello, when I think that I was about to update my Homey and I came across your message, it stopped me in my tracks. It’s nice of you to have posted your message; it saved me from potential disaster, and maybe others too. Besides contacting Homey support, I don’t see what you can do unless it’s possible to downgrade one of your updates; you might have a chance then. In any case, that’s what I would do if I had this problem. Keep us informed if you do that, and especially open a ticket even if it works again with an old firmware because Homey needs to address the issue. Good luck.

It doesn’t seem as Athom made any progress then. I started experiencing unresponsive ZWAVE equipment from differenet vendors after the 10.1.3 utdate. HP23 reports a TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_NO_ACK from all of them. According to Athom a couple of months ago they had/have techs from their Zwave chip vendor Silabs on site to address the issues. I’m starting to get utterly frustrated with Athom and are thinking of switching system, don’t know where to go yet though.

Honestly, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m currently on version 10.1.0, and 95% of my devices are using Z-Wave. I’ve never encountered any issues, which is why I don’t enable automatic updates as long as everything is working fine. It’s just too risky. Previously, I used the Eedomus box for 6 years and experienced these kinds of problems during updates. I don’t believe there’s a perfect home automation box. There are so many devices that during updates, they can’t test them all. However, it seems like this kind of problem occurs every time they release a firmware update. They should conduct much more thorough testing if they are aware of it.