Qubino flush 1 relay timeout issue through device tab and flows

I have this strange problem (second time already now) with a Qubino flush 1 relay. I have sent the following text to Athom support but maybe there’s also someone here that knows what this is and/or how to solve.

Since about 2 weeks I have had this problem now for the second time.
All of a sudden the Qubino Flush 1 Relay doesn’t respond to pressing the device from the devices tab and also not from flows.

After the problem arises, I see a red box briefly stating (“Er ging iets fout prober het later opnieuw 30000ms”) like, something went wrong, try again later timeout 30000ms).

Restarting Homey doesn’t make a difference, the problem persists. From developer.athom.com tools → zwave if I send a Basic On or Basic Off, the device responds immediately every time. Also Test gives a positive result and healing doesn’t change anything, it stays infunctional from within flows or devices tab.

After I remove the device and re-pair it again and then fixing all flows, the device works again. But as said, it is now the second time in about 2 weeks this problem has shown itself. The device is within 4 meters from Homey but it is “around the corner” in the same room. It sometimes shows a direct connection to Homey, and sometimes it connects through a Fibaro power plug that’s also in the same room, but also there are no noticeable differences to me.

I also have a Flush 2 Relay ZMN-HBD1 that is working without problems.

Could this be a beta issue with the software and more importantly is there anything else I can do instead of removing, re-pairing and then repair every flow again to have it work again?

This suggests to me that the timeout happens between the app and the Homey core software, and not so much between Homey and the device.

The following is purely conjecture on my part:

For some reason, the device entry in Homey’s internal Z-Wave database gets corrupted. When the Homey core software tries to access the database, it times out (or crashes, or whatever). Sending a Basic command doesn’t use the database, so still works. Re-pairing the device creates a new (working) device entry.

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I tought something like that too, but I’m curious as to what Athom has to say.
I’m not sure, but I think the problem arose the first time shortly after going from the stable to the beta Qubino app, so my guess is it might be caused by bugs in the beta app.

The Beta version is already there since " v2.0.10 - 29.01.19 ", so if there where these kinds of bugs, they would probably have been noted, but I have no Qubino flush 1 relay in my installation, so cannot tell if it works.

Might be but there’s also a confirmed bug with powermeter not working that I reported to Athom just recently. But I’ll just wait about what I get back from Athom, so far haven’t heard anything back.

Any news on this one? I have a similar problem with one of 14 relays, and the relay is about 1000 km away, so I wouln’t not like to drive there to reset it every once in a while…

This is happening to my flush relay as well. I think I will just replace these Qubino switches with another brand or perhaps even consider moving away from Homey altogether. Today I had to reinclude the relay for the 5th or 6th time. I think it’s disturbing to see such issues remaining unresolved for such a long period.

Same issue here with multiple Qubino switches and shutter controls. If @robertklep is correct and the database gets corrupted this should be investigated by Athom. I don’t know if any of you have opened a ticket already, but I will. And, yes I know, it will take ages before they react :sleepy:

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