Qubino ZMN-HAD1 does something strange (doesn't work as expected)

I have 2 Qubino Flush relays. A Flush 2 Relay with 2 switches and a Flush 1 Relay with 1 switch.
The Flush 2 works as expected. The Flush 1 however doesn’t switch on or off from withing flows or devices. The strange thing is that in developer.athom.com the device tests okay, and send basic on/off does also work (lights switch on and off).

The relay does show the current power usage from the lights connected to it so there is definately some communication going on.

After turning on or off from devices I get a message "Er ging iets fout, probeer het later opnieuw. (Timed out after 30000ms.)

This happened after a restart of Homey. I since did a PTP for about 20 minutes and rebooted again, but no change, it still does switch on/off from flows or devices.
The relay has always worked before the last 2 restarts and it sits about 3 meters from Homey in the same room (however since basic on/off from within developer works instantly, I don’t think it has something to do with range). The other Qubino relay is working as expected so I’m a bit out of options on what I can do.

PS, switching the light on or off with the switch connected to the Flush relay works fine and quick. And I’m using the 2.0.10 béta version of theh Qubino app which has been working lately

Anyone an idea on to what I can do next or what might be going on?

My advice would be, go to Developpers/ tools / z-wave and use:

to Exclude the device close to Homey and then Include it again, probably it all works fine again.

If I understand right your device reacts to the BasicSet commands and developer console, but not in the Homey UI. About a month ago we notify the Homey developers that their gateway have a problem with sending BASIC_SET commands with the devices included with S0. They always send not encapsulated BasicSet instead S0 (BASIC_SET) which have to do if the device is included with S0, in this case the device will not react because it gets unsecure BASIC_SET. If i’m not wrong the Homey don’t give you the option to choose between the secure and unsecure inclusion, so the inclusion under unsecure it can’t be tested, while if this is possible try to include it unsecure and see if it still have problems.

In the meantime I have re-paired the device and everything is working again. Right now it is paired secure, not sure if/how to choose between secure/insecure but for now it’s working again because I re-paired.