Qubino Relay Switch does not report status to Home App even with App Version 3.02

After the update of the app from version 2 to 3 you have to (as announced) include all Qubino relays again. I have only 24 modules…
A test with the first module shows that the status still doesn’t work. As soon as I switch a lamp on or off via the normal switch, the status in the Home App does not change. I wonder what has changed in the new version at all.

In addition, the delay is approx. 1 second with every 2nd switching on…

I’ve had trouble with Zipato. I think now ALL Qubino modules are flying out. The Shelly are much better and cheaper

I have the same problem and I am done with it. After the app updated to version 3, my qubino switches no longer report correct status when they are switched by the wall switch. This DID work before, as they did use to switch off when the timer that I start when they are switched on expired. I have to add that I was on the beta version of the app, not because I like living on the edge or so but simply because some functionality of the Qubino app only worked as expected in the beta version. Needless to say that I was not amused when I had to re-include all Qubinos after the upgrade… They are all behind wall switches and I had to open up some of them before Homey was able to find them again. Only to find out that after that, and after updating all my flows to use the “newly included” devices again, some flows like those switching off a relay no longer work. And from what I read here I get the feeling they will never work again.

I am in software developing myself and I can’t imagine releasing a software update with a regression in such a basic functionality. This is only possible if there are serious gaps in your pre-release testing or product specification process. I had similar problems with Vera and I expected to get rid of these by moving to what looked like a more professional environment like Homey, but alas. I start believing that the smarthome industry is simply not mature or serious enough to be up to the job. Delivering ragged products in domotics will generally not endanger lives as compared to automotive, but it does stand in the way of a general breakthrough of home automation. Maybe one of these companies ever manages to deliver a solid and reliable platform, but it doesn’t look like Athom will be the one. Anyway I’ve had enough of being a beta tester and wasting my time on these toys. I switch back to manual lights control and clear up some room on the shelf where I have my homey…

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I’m afraid I see it the same way. I have exchanged ALL Qubino modules with Shelly 1 or 2.5 Even there not everything is perfect. For example the Shelly modules have problems with my WLAN. Still no idea why. With a parallel temporary WLAN they work perfectly. The reaction times when switching are much shorter than with Z-Wave and the status is displayed in Homey after max. 1 second. The flows that switch off the light after a certain time work perfectly again.
Qubino is definitely out with me. At Homey I see it similar to you. After a couple of years with Zipato I might watch for another 1 or 2 years, then this Smart Home Gateway will be out too.

Almost one year later and the problem still exists. Apparently Athoms priority lies on adding bells and whistles rather than focusing on the core functionality.
Changing modules crossed my mind as well, but I’ve paid hundreds to purchase these, and the fact that it has worked in the past, makes this idea ridiculous.
Despite various angry e-mails Athom still can’t tell when this problem will be solved.
It’s a disgrace, they should deliver what they promise!

Damn! I have 4 Qubino mini dimmers waiting for me in the mail today and I just read this :worried:
Have you tested the latest beta FW 5.0 together with the latest beta-app (4.0.0)?

The dimmer doesn’t have that problem

Met vriendelijke groet,
Metodi Avramoski

I installed the mini dimmer and just as you say, it worked great!
But which Qubino devices don’t work?
I just tested a Flush 2 Relay (ZMNHBD) and it also worked fine and reported back changed state.

The relay switches only

Met vriendelijke groet,
Metodi Avramoski

It’s about the ZMNHND1 and ZMNHAD1
When you hit the wallswich the status doesn’t get updated.
Also checked in the logs, there’s no entry

@M_Avramoski Probably coursed by the Firmware version of the Qubino devices, I also have older devices that don’t update the status in Homey when switched locally. Maybe the shop, where you bought them, can update them?

I also had the problem that there was no new status sended to Homey when I used the wall switch. After a long search I could fix it !!
In my case, I use Schaiger ZHS01 (it is the same as Qubino ZMNHDD1).
I only use I1. So I had to change the settings and disable I2 and I3 (parameter 100 and 101) and after that I had to do an exclusion of the module and then again an inclusion of the module. From then, everything is working well and the status change now also when I use the wall switch. Also the electricity consumption is now displayed.

I have the same problem with ZMNHND1. All my older Qubino devices that I possess and earlier used with Vera are operating fine. I just bought the ZMNHND1 to control with the potential free contact my heating system and I need the status of the switch to control a circulation pump. At this moment the device is useless to me. I think I will unpair the device and see how the device behaves with the Vera Edge.