Qubino app instability

Using Homey Pro version 3.2.0 with Qubino app version 3.1.1
I am experiencing some frustrating problem with my shutter devices and RGBW dimmers the last week. Cannot add a flush shutter (tried several) Homey says something like “problem adding device, please try again later” (using the Dutch version) and does that consistently.
I have a RGBW dimmer that extinguishes without command at irregular intervals, sometimes changing color… On top of that the support for the Flush 2-relay is severely reduced.

I re-installed the app, re-started Homey several times, reset the devices to factory setting and even reset the Z-Wave network, losing all my work.

Without including my RGBW dimmer nor my shutter relays, they work normally using the connected switches, so clearly Homey/the Qubino app is messing up things! Rendering my 399 euro Homey Pro basically useless.

I see several posts and reviews complaining about the Qubino app. Anyone else having similar problems, or maybe even having a solution?
I am seriously contemplating scrapping my Homey Pro and looking for another, more stable, solution!!

Same here :sob:

Maybe you have Mesh problems or other network problems, including very near Homey? Many posts on this forum about that, try to search for them.

Thanks for the suggestion, but what do you mean with “including very near Homey”? That one shouldn’t do that?
In the case of the shutter relays, Homey is about 3 to 5 meter from the relay. I noticed already that Homey shouldn’t be too far away, because apparently it needs to have direct contact with the device to be included and not via a mesh. But is there also a limit on how close it can be?

there is a “How To” for this:

Thanks a lot for pointing me in this direction.
I have added two shutter relays to the system using the PTP procedure. The first one with Homey real close to the relay, and the second with Homey some 3 meters away. Distance does not seem to be the big issue here. (as long as it is not too far away)
I was only able to add 1 relay at a time. Between relays the PTP procedure had to be followed.

I have opened a support ticket with Athom and added one of the logs I made. All in all the header of this thread is still very true: the Qubino app is unstable. (apart from the other issues like lack of support for the relay-2 energy and onoff)