Qubino Flush Shutter DC: pairing problems and Flow question

Hi! :slight_smile:

Got two Qubino Flush Shutter DC’s (ZMNHOD1 H1S5P2) to control motorized window blinds.
Initially there were terrible problems getting them paired. I had to re-do the routines several times, take the Qubino’s within centimeters of the Homey and pull the plug on the Homey. I also moved the Homey into the room close to the Qubino’s.


  • Is there a brand of shutter controllers that works better with Homey than the Z-wave plus-based Qubino’s? Perhaps ZigBee-based ones?
  • I certainly hope it isn’t necessary to keep the Homey in the bedroom now that they’re paired?
  • Can I trust that this pairing will work over time now, or should I try and look for another shutter controller?

And to the Flow: I’m a newbie to this and I’m looking for a neat flow to “set and forget” the blinders. To go down/up at a specific time working days, and at a specific time on weekends / holidays. Anyone with tips? :slight_smile:

Welcome to this community forum, sorry to mention this but on me, you come in as a bit negative but OK.

Qubino devices are not less reliable than other brands and can very easily be added (included) by keeping Homey and the device close together as mentioned in many descriptions.
First, remove (exclude) them (even when they have never been included before) via Homey Developer Tools image
Then un-power the device, go to the Devices include-page (+ in the upper corner, choose Homey, choose Z-Wave, press Install, then power-up the device again, follow the screen instructions.
After inclusion, Homey and the device can be separated.

For opening and closing at a specific time/day you can use the Alarm settings that you can find on the page after pressing More (second item)

Yes I found those guides and got past those steps you mention as explained and got it working. But seriously, it should not be this cumbersome. I was about to return the stuff. :slight_smile:

I had a completely different experience with the IKEA trådfri wall plugs f ex, it was really just plug and play. No problems at all. And I read that the Qubino app and/or the Z-wave implementation in Homey perhaps was a bit unstable. Hence my questions.

Anyhow, yes the alarm function seems to be what I was looking for :slight_smile: The next step would be to consider national holidays (found an app for that), and certain type of Google calendar events - which I still have not found a solution for? :slight_smile: