Qubino Flush Shutter DC


I’ve moved from Fibaro HC to Homey and in many ways the experience is so much smoother now (especially since I changed the usb-adapter) but I’m struggling a bit with a few things…maybe I’m just looking in the wrong area.

As for with many Z-wave devices it seems there is not way to access properties that hasn’t been exposed via apps. For example the Qubino flush shutter DC.

I want to be able to read the current position to determine action based on that but it seems that’s not possible (at least not in flows). Is there a simple solution to this or do I need to keep track of position by setting a variable everytime the position changes?


Welcome to Homey. I switched from HC2 to Homey about a year ago and have never regretted it.

In Developer -> Tools -> Device you can see all the features of the device, including the position of the of the blinds. There you can also see, for example, the current color settings of Hue lamps.

Try thinking in the “logic cards” in the AND column, someone already made an awesome explanation how to work with them.

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Super, thanks to the both of you. Haven’t tried it yet it looks like the right stuff.

Again, thanks!!!