Linear actuator and qubino flush shutter DC im lost

I have acquired a linear actuator that is meant to be mounted inside a cabinet, and eventually open the cabinet when a flow is started.

For this purpose I have purchased the qubino flush shutter DC.
Now, this is my first ever z-wave unit, so my z-wave vocabulary is close to non existing.

I did manage to power (12V) and connect the Flush Shutter DC to homey. Unfortunately, this was as far as I got.

I tried using a raw command “78,1,1” to force some sort of calibration, but nothing happens.
It seems no matter what I do, the actuator does not move (and the actuator works, when plugged directly to 12v)

Is anyone keen on helping a Z.wave newbie ?

The Homey device has a calibrate option in the Maintenance section.
But also check the Advanced Settings - Limit switch power consumption is not set too low.

If you move the slider up / down in the device page, does the slider stay where you left it or spring back to the original position?

Hey Adrian, thanks for picking up this topic.
The calibration option returns an error saying that it could not start the maintenance.

The limit power switch consumption: When I try a change / increase it, it returns an error “Failed_to_set_motorOperationDetection_t_o_0.8_size_1” And this error is returned on any value I try. it will only accept 0.6 (the standard value)

If I move the slider up/down it springs back to original and returns an error “TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_NO_ACK”

Any ideas to why the is ?

It sounds to me like the device is out of range, but I not an expert on zwave.
How far away is the module from Homey and are there any obstacles between them?

As this is your only zwave device it will need to be quite close to Homey because there are no other routing devices.

Oh wow i had no idea that z-wave had such low penetration ability. It works but only when it’s 1m away. Terrible :joy:. Thanks for your help.

If you can add powered zwave devices like electrical sockets, they will extend the range as they should act as a router.

Hi Rune,

Bit late, but I’m having similar issues with the same setup. However, I believe that in my case my power adapter is not powerful enough. I’ve ordered a new one, but did you manage to fix your problems in the meantime?

I have had the same issue. Now I did replace the power supply to a much bigger one and it has started working much more reliable… not perfect