Problem configurating Qubino Flush Shutter (DC) zmnhod1

Hello people,

I could use some help on configurating a Qubino zmnhod1 on Homey v1.5.12. and the Qubino app v2.0.6. The zmnhod1 is paired with Homey. I want to use the zmnhod1 with a Velux SML shutter (DC). The shutter works by reversing polarity.

I connected two switched to I1 and I2. When i press either swich and measure the pins of the motor i measure either +24V or -24V for a second and then it’s gone. When i measure the switches i get a constant 24V. And when i connect the powersuply directly to the shutter it shuts and opens (with the polarity reversed).

I figured it might be a calibration issue. The manual says to either switch I1 and I2 or by setting parameter 78 to value 1. This is where i am stuck.

Can someone help me with this problem or please explain how i can set parameter 78 to value 1 in Homey?

Thank you,

I don’t own the device but there must be a setting in the device called “expert parameters”?
Like clicking on the wrench icon on the device page and scroll to the bottom?

Thank you for the quick reply. There is an expert parameter option, but unfortionally i don’t know how to enter the parameter 78 and value.

Well, something like 78,1,1?
Size should also be in the manual me guess.

My motors have limit switches so I set the Up/Down moving time of motor to 0 and then used the Start Calibration button (I’m using the Homey Preview app).
If you don’t have limit switches then I think you need to set the Up/Down moving time of motor to 0 then move the motor to the bottom / closed position by holding down the switch and then set the time it takes to move full travel.