Qubino flush shutter DC fully open or closed

Hi, I use about 4 qubino flush shutters DC to roll down the window blinds.
Before I connected them to Homey I used them with Fibaro HC2.

When connected to Fibaro I could roll them down for example half way, or just a bit. It was very sensitive of where I dragged and let go in the app. But now with Homey it’s either fully closed or fully open. That must be a setting somewhere? Because I never changed a setting when switching fom HCS to Homey.

That’s strange. I only have one now but the control is very precise. Have you tried to recalibrate after adding them to Homey?

Thanks :grin: that did it, I feel stupid didn’t find that before!

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When something works in one system and then not in a new system it’s very difficult not to think it’s the new system that’s the problem.
Glad it’s solved the problem.