All qubino devices fails after FW 3.0

After upgrading my homey pro today to version 3.0, all qubino devices has stopped working.
All other devices works fine.
I tried installing the beta app for qubino but no change.
Also tried rebooting 5 Times.
The devices have a rotating ring on them.
Has anybody experienced the same problem? Any suggestions?

Did you restart the Qubino app.

After each reboot or homey update the Qubino App Stopp working and I have to restart the App.

Tried that multiple times now. No change.
If I start adding a new qubino device there is no error. Do I have to reset all zwave devices or is the devices stored i homey independent of the apps?

Did you try PTP for 15 minutes and then wait >15 minutes to let the network start-up?

Tried that but no change.
POS homey. Piece Of Shit that is.
Embarrasing to release a software upgrade that destroys the configured devices.
Had to reset all devices, reset them and add again.
An now I still have the old devices that i cant click or delete.

Don’t want to be impolite, but to call Homey a piece of shit is not fair I would think. I haven’t seen any other users with the same problem and haven’t experienced it myself. So I do understand you think it is not okay and really annoying but you are calling a device POS while everybody is trying to help you solve your issues.

Dont get me wrong. Im really gratefull for your suggestions.
But if I buy a product for a price thats several times higher than the competitiors, use supported devices and then have to spend several hours trying to find whats wrong, and then even more hours with a skrewdriver reseting devices all over the house, because Athom releases a faulty untested FW, then its just that.
I dont know if Athom made an error with the hardware, FW or the App but the combination is crap.

And I still cant delete the faulty devices… or even move them to a seperate location…

And what kind of error do you get? Did you try and remove them through the developer page?

I have the same problem after updating to 3.0. Sent Athom a mail but got no response yet.

Only using “ZMNHVD1 Flush Dimmer 0-10V”, but it stopped responding after updating. Tried reinstalling it, manually reattaching it and restarted Homey.

Interesting thing is that it is still recognized by Homey and all other Z-wave devices are routed via this one (which explains why a lot of stuff is not responding anymore).

Flows work normally and report no errors. Not sure where I can look for any more errors?

The qubino app will (most likely) be has been updated today (v3.0.2), it is a very big update and you’ll most likely need to re-pair your devices, but it should fix any issues of it isn’t working anymore for you.

Yep. Came home to a dark house today again.
And no other solution then a couple of more hours with a skrewdriver…
I repeat, Piece Of Shit product!

Isn’t there a way to reset bij flipping the switch a few times? I believe there was something like that in the manuals

Thanks for your reply.
There is. After you reconnect the power.
And I dont have switches to most devices.

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Well, a couple a days ago Athom sent out a mail explaining that they would release a new app this week and that you probably have to re-include your qubino devices. But only for those running version v2.0.10 (beta version) of the qubino app.
Those on v1.1.8 (current stable version) prior to this update should not have been affected.
So this was expected.
Also discussed here: Breaking changes in Qubino Homey App?

But @Agerstrom got in trouble with Qubino devices after homey 3.0 update not after Qubino App Update?!

I was on the stable version, upgrade to FW 3.0.
All qubino devices stopped working, wasnt clickable and therefore not deleteable.
Tried suggestions from users above.
Tried switching to beta version.
No change.
Used several hours to reset and reconnect all devices.
Changed all flows to new devices.
Old devices still not responding. Was able to delete them using developer ui.
Everything was back in working order.
And then came home to find that Athoms skilled developers broke everything again.

So yes, I strongly beleve that the product isnt ready or stable. If my company sent out upgrades like this we would be out of business.

I guess that because the updated Qubino app only gets installed on Homey 3.0.0 and higher…

But I also have 7 devices that lost connection, at least in the app, I can control them from developer page.
But that is not that helpfull. I also don’t have buttons for most of my qubinos so… a little more work to get them up and running again.