It's strange, Google and Alexa

Hello, today something strange happened. Neither Alexa nor Google wanted to execute commands to turn on or off the lights. When I went directly into the Alexa or Google applications, it indicated that the devices were not reachable. I restarted both applications from the Homey Pro console, but it didn’t work. I had to restart the Homey Pro box. I would like to know simply why I encountered a situation like this and why it was necessary to restart the Homey box, whereas I thought that simply restarting the applications would have been enough. Additionally, I had no issues turning on my lights from the Homey Pro console.

I think it is related to the “Homey offline” issue, where the Homey cloud connection seems to close down every x hours, and other weird stuff.

Also, check if your provider enabled CGNAT.
If so, you’d ask them to disable it.