Google home - Homey is unavailable message

Over about the last month or so I’ve been getting more and more messages from my Google home assistants when saying turn on/off lights that it cant reach homey or homey is unavailable, it can take a while some times to do the thing, 5 to 10 seconds or more to turn a light on at times. then other times its fine.
I have other devices linked with google directly and get no complaints re those.
in the bedroom, i have a Lenovo bulb its not Homey (or anything compatible) but works with google, so i tell google to turn off lights and the Homey attached bulb always takes longer and i often get the cant reach homey error. The light usually still turns off, so it seems homey isnt giving google feedback.

interested to see what other people are experiencing as well, as there is no pattern to it, and it happens with any of the Homey attached devices dosnt matter if its wifi, zwave etc attached

Had this problem with my Nest Hub for some weeks, I think because of an update from Google. It was solved after I changed my wifi-network and the Nest Hub got a better signal (it was medium to weak before). Did not change the network especially for this, but it did solve it

Exactly there is no pattern and support is usually useless. Regardless I suggest you to contact them so they eventually get this sorted out.

Basically homey does not respond to Google in the required time so Google reports this famous homey is unavailable.

Homey doesn’t respond to me since a few days, he does respond to my wife…