Google nest can't reach homey

Since a couple of days back none of my Google Nest devices can reach homey and control devices. Quite disappointing, since we use voice commands and screens on Hubs to control lighting

I have updated homey, restarted it, relinked the account through “works with google” in the Google app. Even removed the link and added it again. It says “successful” and I can see devices and rooms but everything is offline. My Google products work fine using them for other stuff, accessing the internet.

Any ideas what I should do?

I have the same problem. I contacted google about this.

If, as with OP, other devices work fine with Google, the issue is likely to exist with Homey.

Any solution?

Had a problem like this some days ago (got a new modem), turned out that my Google Home Mini had decided to connect to Wi-Fi via the 5MHz. After blocking this frequency for this device via MAC address, and restarting the speaker, it connected again via 2.4MHz and works fine again.

If it works it works!
But it is a bit odd while the Google devices connect to Homey by LAN, regardless of the wifi frequency.
I just checked, most of my Ggl devices are on 5GHz wifi and work fine with Homey :upside_down_face:

I have a standard experia box v10 and separate 2.4 and 5GHz SSID’s

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No not yet. I will post any news as soon as I get it.

The strange thing is my husband can Connect Homey with google and start flows etc. He added me as family member but I can’t start any flows, I get homey is not available. Right away my husband does the same and then the flow is executed.

Sounds like a Homey issue to me.

I contacted Athom and they have recommended a reset of the homey software, exactly the same procedure as when my zigbee network just stopped responding. That time the reset fixed everything. Will try it in a few days. Can report back afterwards.

It did not fix it and Athom think it is because I have too many apps and devices. But that has not changed since everything worked. A mystery…