New Homey Pro 2023 - Google Home Problems

I received my new Homey Pro in the mail today (Canada), decommissioned my old Smart Things Hub as well as unlinked my Samsung account from google home.
I have paired all of my devices to Homey (majority Leviton ZWave switches and dimmers) and I’m having no end of trouble.

Config, trouble shooting:

  • Google account connected and sync is turned ON (have attempted multiple resyncs and reconnects)
  • Have attempted deleting and re-adding devices, improves response however the same problems below remain
  • Have attempted relocation of Homey in the house to multiple locations


  • Devices extremely slow to respond via google voice command (more than 10 seconds)
  • No dimmer control in Google home app for devices that have dimming control in Homey app
  • Google home responds not able to perform action or reach device, then action happens? (Intermittent)

Is this something that I’m missing? Do I potentially have a faulty unit?

Please let me know if you have experience with these types of errors.


Hi Jonas, welcome!

No, your unit is fine. You unfortunately sum up general issues with the Homey - Google Home combo. It’s quite sad to read it isn’t improved whatsoever compared to the Pro 2019

It’s not the quickest combination indeed, no clue how to improve it. Your internet speed is important here, while the voice2text is processed online.

Can’t ack. that… Dim is available and works fine from my Google home app interface. BUT I own a Pro 2019, not sure if that is different to GHome…
I haven’t read about dim issues with Ghome @ this forum yet

Known issue, and probably not being solved soon (both companies pointing fingers to eachother I guess)

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