Issues with Homey and flows/devices


Before I contact support again maybe someone got the same issues or could help.
I use mostly fibaro devices but it seems to be that homey is not able to control / handle devices more than 2 in a flow even if I do a delay for each device 20 seconds.

Sometimes device state appear off in the log but device is still on.

In a different flow when I arrive home with geolocation it’s not reacting at all by arriving, when I restart homey this is working for about 1 day.

I thought Ifttt is working better with geolocation in some cases yes but sometimes it failed to start a flow.

Google Home is losing connection to homey sometimes that I need to log inn again by google home app.

Basically it seems the cpu is just slow on my homey pro, is homey able to control many devices at the same time at all? Is homey really that weak?

Hope someone got any suggestions I like homey pretty much with the possibilities.

Best regards.

Hi, Homey is definitely capable to handle more devices at once. I have flows controlling 10 Fibaro devices at the same time (blinds) without any problems. Also turnig all lights ON or OFF in house (18 devices) over the group works fine, however some delays between devices can be observed, but that zwave transfer speed limitation (same was with Fibaro HC2).
Obviously in your case, something is either slowing down Homey (try to look in insights), or something is jamming zwave network (see developer page for frequently communicating devices), or you have range issue and its hard for Homey to reach and communicate with device.
There can be much more issues, but try to look on those above first.

Hello thanks for fast reply, where on insights should I look ? cpu usage ?

Try to look on average load in insights under the System “device”.

Sorry but I tried to find the option on insight but I can not find it basically I see only apps on insight. And power usage for homey pro

Do you have Power user Enabled under Experiments in settings?

Found it thanks a lot

I see there is a big differences on my stats compared to yours so it seems to be something is sending a lot of traffic. Just need to find the device ?

Anybody could tell me wich stats it should be? How high would be critical level of memory and load ?