Arduino and Google assistant

I have a question regarding Homey, Arduino and Google assistant (or Alexa) voice control. I have a lot of (0-10V controlled) dimmers that i control with Arduino.

In my code I have a table that stores all the dimmer values.

Now, I wish to control the dimmers from my phone, and with voice control using Google assistant or Alexa. From what i can see, I MIGHT be able to do this with Homey using the homeyduino library or MQTT. (I have not yet purchased a Homey).

It looks to me, however that there are some limitations to what can be controlled from Homey via the homeyduino library. Does the methods have to be on/off switches or some predefined dimmer type?

So, the first question is: is it possible to configure Homey so i can send values between 0 and 100 together with a value for the dimmer ID from the Homey app to Arduino? Also update Homey with dimmer values from my Arduino control system?

The second question is: can i set up Ggoogle assistant (or Alexa) to do the same? I want to say «ok google, lights livingroom 50 percent» and have Homey send a dimmer ID and the percentage to Arduino.

Thanks in advance for any help :slightly_smiling_face: