Homeyduino - How flexible is it?

I have a question regarding Homey, Arduino and Google assistant (or Alexa) voice control. I tried to post it in the Q&A section but wit no luck as of now.

I have a lot of (0-10V controlled) dimmers that i control with an Arduino Mega and some elecronics attached.

In my code I have an array that stores all the dimmer values. I turn rotary encoders in the rooms to increase / decrease light intencity. Clockwise turing increase the value in the array, which are then used to increase the input control voltage to the dimmer.

Now, I wish to control these dimmers also from my phone, and hopefully also with voice control using Google assistant or Alexa. From what i can see, I might be able to do this with Homey using the homeyduino library (or MQTT), but I would like to know «for shure» before i go and purchase a Homey.
So, the first question is: How flexible is the homeyduino app / library? I would like to configure the Homey mobile app with a dimmer symbol for each of my dimmers. When i adjust the light intencity of one dimmer, the new value is sent to the Arduino together with the ID of the corresponding dimmer. Can this be done?

The second question is: can i set up Ggoogle assistant (or Alexa) to do the same? I want to say «ok google, livingroom lights 50 percent» and have Homey send a dimmer ID and the percentage to my Arduino Mega.

Thanks in advance for any help :slightly_smiling_face: