Meross devices + Iluminize/Yeelight wireless dimmer switch + general smart switch advice wanted

Hi, I’m moving into a new house this fall and I’m excited to properly play around with smarthome stuff. Right now I just have Google Home, Hue bulbs, and a few smart power strips. I’m planning to buy a Homey but I have some questions so I can properly prepare.

  1. Can Homey control Meross wifi devices? I have a few of these around the apartment that I can control with Google Home:üsse-Fernsteuerung/dp/B07PMWYNSW/ and it’d be great if I could include them in Homey flows.

  2. Would I be able to control my Hue lights with this 868Mhz Iluminize wireless dimmer via Homey?

What about this Yeelight Bluetooth dimmer?

  1. Do you have recommendations for a similar dimmer that’ll work with Homey? Functions I’m looking for:
  • wireless or, if built-in, works with only two wires; it’s an old house)
  • ability to control brightness via dimmer knob

And in my ideal world:

  • for Hue lights, ability to control color (visually represented so even guests can use it)
  • buttons that could activate flows/scenes
  • a way to switch between lights (the dimmer controls the living room ceiling lights; flip a toggle and now it controls the living room wall lights)
  • the option to “override” the always-on part and simply turn the light on or off like a regular wall switch, in case Homey or Hue bug out (my partner doesn’t like the idea of not being able to control the lights if something goes wrong)

Thanks for your help!

Question : Can I command a yeelight device with a fibaro walli dimmer exemple?
or yeelight rgb e27 with a xiaomi light switch?

Thank you