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Thinking about buying the homey, need some help understand please

I’m thinking about buying a homey device.
A few thing I need to know in order to understand if this is the right way for me.
My current setup:
3XGoogle home mini, harmony hub and ultimate remote, Many Yeelight bulbs, Sonoff switches, and sonoff thermostat.
I would like to add to my system sonoff wall switches, my questions are, will I be able to control the Yeelight thought the sonoff wall switch as a remote without cutting its power?
If yes, will I be able to dim the Yeelight bulbs? (with long press for instance).
Will I be able to add motion sensors (Aqara) to control Automation with Yeelight bulbs?
Will I still be able to control my light directly with the same google assistant commands?
Will I still be able to control my Harmony directly through google assistant commands?
I will appreciate your help!
Thank you!


Support for Yeelight: https://apps.athom.com/app/name.klep.sonoff
Support for Sonoff: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.xiaomi-miio
Support for Harmony: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.jreenen.homeyharmonyhub
Google Home supports Homey.

If you add a Yeelight remote to Homey you will be able to control any light also connected to Homey, that is configured using flows and yes as long as the remote support loong press you will be able to dim any bulb that support dimming.

Yes, a motion sensor can be used to trigger a light.
Yes, you will be able to trigger lights using Google home/assistant voice commands.
Harmony… don’t know… have not tried myself… guess so…

NP :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately I’m not sure you understand my first question.

I would like to control a smart light with a switch that originally designed to cut the power to a normal bulb,

I wish the flow to trigger the button press command and control the light, this will function as a remote.

I’m asking will it be possible to use in flow for “when” sonoff switch toggle, and long press?


Hi again.
To be able to trigger the light Homey need to get a command signal from something.

If you want to use your old power cutting wall switch to do so you need to connect it to something that homey can get a signal from, such as a Z-wave or 433 MHz in-wall switch.